Kettlebell Fitness Trainer Certification

Kettlebell Fitness Trainer Certification


The exams for the KB certification testify that the successful candidate can demonstrate proper form and technique and also to be able to design and deliver fitness classes on 1:1 or more participants.

The exam consists of two parts: Kettlebell lifting and Bootcamp development and execution. The aim of the test is to demonstrate that participants demonstrate the required technique, endurance, strength, physical condition, speed of kettlebell lifting as well as a successful completion of main sport and fitness routines.

Contestants need to pass both successfully in order to receive the certification.

For the lifting part, contestants will perform the following mini-pentathlon set with no breaks:

  • Clean – 1 min/arm
  • Long Cycle Press – 1 min/arm
  • Jerk – 1min/arm
  • Half Snatch – 1min/arm
  • Push Press – 1min/arm
Total time: 10min

Minimum score required to pass:

  • Men (age 18-49) : 2400 points
  • Veteran Men (age 50+) : 1920 points
  • Women (age 18-49) : 1440 points
  • Veteran Women (age 50+) : 960 points

Score points are calculated by the number of reps per hand and the weight lifted. Contestants are free to chose the weight of their choice.

Minimum weight of kettlebell:

  • Men – 20kg
  • Men Veteran – 16kg
  • Women – 12 kg
  • Women Veteran – 8 kg

Contestants can decide to pace the number of reps per exercise according to their own rhythm as long as they achieve a minimum of the above score. A suggested number of reps per exercise (per minute per hand) is as following:

Men Veteran Men Women Veteran women
Weight (kg) 20 16 12 8
Clean 20 20 20 20
LCP 10 10 10 10
Jerk 10 10 10 10
HS 10 10 10 10
PP 10 10 10 10

Contestants will have to hold the kettlebell for the entire 1min duration per arm and not change before 60seconds – any lifts before the 60sec change will not count.

Contestants must hold the Kettlebell for the entire 10min duration of the test and not put it down. If the kettlebell is placed on the platform the entire test is considered no count.

Kettlebell Fitness Exam Part II: Kettlebell Bootcamp development and execution


The second part of Kettlebell Fitness Trainer Certification aims to demonstrate the contestant’s ability to design bootcamp classes as well as his or her ability to execute the exercises.

Participants are asked to design a 10min bootcamp with a set of a minimum of 5 exercises from the list below. They will have to include at least two exercises with double kettlebells.

The minimum weight of the Kettlebells must be:

Men Veteran Men Women Veteran women
1 Kettlebell 20 16 12 8
2 Kettlebells 16 12 12 8

List of exercises

1 Kettlebell (minimum 3 exercises)

  • Clean & Strict Press (Long Cycle Press)
  • Push Press
  • Snatch
  • TGU
  • Jerk
  • Windmill
  • Russian Twist
  • Jack Knives
  • Jump Squats
  • Goblet Squats
  • Sumo dead lift
  • Single leg deadlift

2 Kettlebells (minimum 2 exercises)

  • Double swing
  • Double Clean
  • Double Push Press
  • Thrusters
  • Man-makers
  • Double Jerks
  • Double Clean & Press (LCP)
  • Double front squats
  • Renegade Rows
  • Double overhead squat
  • Double sit ups
  • Double deadlifts
  • Farmer’s walk

Contestants need to design and perform a workout of their choice. They may include breaks or not, construct the exercise on number of reps or time, or create a sequence of exercises (flow). They must choose a minimum of 5 exercises from the list above (3 for single KB, 2 for Double kettlebell). They may repeat sets during the bootcamp.

The contestants will be judged on bootcamp structure, performance, physical condition and flow.

Contestants will be given a P or F mark from our panel of judges. They may repeat the test up to five times on the day should they fail and have up to 3 months from completion of the training workshop to retry.